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Ski Roundtop through Ski Tunes is offering Multi Visit Cards (MVC) & Night Club Cards (NCC) & Night Time Season Passes (NTSP) now available. After November 7 the prices increase $25.

MVC - Starting at $158 (after November 7 $183)
- Four passes at Ski Roundtop, ONLY, which may be used any evening after January 2, or any four hour period during the week, non-holiday. This card can Not be used at Liberty or Whitetail.

NCC - Starting at $189
(after November 7 $214) - This is an unlimited Evening Season Pass to be used at Ski Roundtop, Liberty Mountain Resort & Whitetail Resort. This may be used any evening after 4:00pm (Sunday after 3:00pm).

NTSP - $259 (after November 7 $359) - This is a season pass for night time only, any day of the week, after 4pm, which is valid as soon as any of the above areas open and allows you to go directly to the lifts with out getting a lift ticket.

Note: There are additional options with each package such as lessons and rentals. Ask about these options to see if any meet your needs.

Advantage Card options may be added to the MVC or NCC programs for an additional $25. This option allows you to ski at a 40% discount during times when the MVC or NCC arenít valid, example, over the Christmas Holidays. Every 6th usage you will receive a free 8 hour lift ticket. The cost to add it to a NCC or MVC is $25. Normally when purchasing the Advantage card by itself the cost is $84 & after October 31, $119.


To purchase your Night Club Card online (click here)