Ronald W. Lippe, M.D.

Honorary Rail Rider



We expect our honorary member to take care of our Prez in this recent surgery. With greatest respect, don't forget .... We made him a Rail Rider and we can remove him as one as well   :)


We have discussed women (Carrie and Erin) as honorary Rail Riders. We have not discussed any doctors that ski. We have members from all walks of life .... but none from the medical profession. Now we do. Ronald W. Lippe, M.D. is recognized as our first honorary Rail Rider. And why you might ask? How about because Grant said so. Moreover, how about because he is responsible for giving Grant a new lease on life, I mean a new lease on skiing. We've heard the expression, "a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement". This is certainly the case here. He missed a year of skiing. He missed one of the best trips. He missed Mike getting stuck on a chair lift. He missed his son showing us all "how to party like you're twenty-five". But he won't miss any more years of great skiing. Special thanks from all the Rail Riders to the Doc ..... Want to know more about our newest member and the operation Grant got? Check out the links below.  


Links of Interest


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Virtual Hip Surgery


Information from Mayo Clinic