Rail Rider of the Year




2017 Bill Walter
  Hal Lefever
  Scott K. Musselman
2016 Derek & Grant Shultz
2013 Bill Walter
2012 Scott K. Musselman
2011 75.3 MPH Hal "Da Halminator" Lefever
2010 Brad Singer & Hal LeFever
2009 None
2008 Scott K. Musselman
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2007 None
2006 Paul Holt & Hal Lefever
2005 Fred Goehrig
2004 Mike Acierno

The Rail Rider of the Year Award was instituted in 2004 in the bar at the Harrisburg Airport on the way to Whistler. There is some debate over this first award, since some say Mike appointed himself RR of the Year. Regardless, it is still a somewhat new, but extremely prestigious honor. Qualifications for the award are a bit vague but sucking up to Grant and Derek are certainly helpful. Extra credit for being the videographer, an instructor at Roundtop, working in the shop, or being a rep for the shop have not hurt. (Would think that running a web site for the Rail Riders should earn a few points, since being one of the better beer drinkers on our trips hasn't helped.) Unfortunately Grant and Derek didn't feel anyone stepped up and was worthy of the honor in 2007 so look for extreme levels of sucking up this season. Since Grant will be unable to go to Big Sky this winter, members better get creative. Remember, Derek will be watching.    


Rail Riders Membership


Roger Brubaker, Brian Keiper, Jason Acierno, Hal Lefever, Vic Martell, Fred Goehring, Jeff Millhouse, Brad Singer, Scott Musselman, Pete Fleming, Mike Acierno, Derek Shultz, Paul Holt, Mike LaSale, James Waughen, Grant Shultz, Frank Filling, Josh Gordon, Steve Griffiths, Sean Houseknecht, Roger Brubaker, Jeff Graham, Keith Rodgers, Carl Chillis, Bill Walter, Bill Norris, Bob Somerfield, Ryan Erikson ..... Honorary Members- Carrie Shultz, Erin Shultz, Rick from Colorado (he was the local from Breckenridge that became our private tour guide)


The Derivation of the Term Rail Riders


Myth #1 - A Ski Tunes Rail Rider is not someone who hangs out in terrain parks jumping onto rails and boxes, balancing while moving along and then landing after dismounting.


Myth #2 - A Ski Tunes Rail Rider is not associated with RailRiders Adventure Clothing, a clothing company catering to the adventure racing and high-end outdoor enthusiast communities.


Myth #3 - A Ski Tunes Rail Rider is not someone who rides a train (referred to as a rail) to go somewhere.


Myth #4 - The Ski Tunes Rail Riders are not associated with the Ski Roundtop Rail Jams nor is it associated with the web site RoundtopRiders (although the web site is quite cool!).


Myth #5 - The Ski Tunes Rail Riders are not associated with The Rail Rider Baby Changing Table (although many members have found themselves in situations about to s___ in their pants, especially when skiing with Grant and Derek).


Mythbuster - The term rail riders was developed in association with the techniques used with the then new shaped skis. This style of skiing involves deep carving and rolling the ski onto its edge. Prime skiing for a STRR is Saturday and Sunday mornings at Ski Roundtop.