Ski  Tunes  Trip Memories


Remember when ...

...  Saturday morning attendance at Roundtop often heard the phrase "Hal Who?"

we skied the "corduroy" at Deer Valley?

we didn't have Ski Tunes vests? If fact, when there was no Ski Tunes?

we came up with the name Ski Tunes on the plane coming home?

Jeff and Frank discussed world politics over an Italian dinner?

Jeff didn't have that red hat?

we flew anything but United?

nobody wore helmets?

we had the biggest hot tub @ Aspen while staying at Chateau Roaring Fork?

Derek use to ski on a leash attached to Grant?

Grant use to beat Derek?

Hal modeled his edible valentine gift?

we first allowed a Penn State linebacker to join?

some ordered Flat Tire instead of Fat Tire?

Grant's car almost got towed at the Harrisburg Airport?

...  we practiced quickness training (finger to nose) so as not to reset the hot tub jets?

Rick made Chile that was too hot too eat?

we met Murph on our first two trips working at the Tugboat Inn @ Steamboat?

Scott fell asleep on the shuttle in Steamboat?

Mike lost (misplaced) his ID at the Denver airport?

the group always went on a sleigh ride and dinner?

Paul, Scott and Frank saw the dog in a fur bag in Aspen while drinking at the Red Onion?

Grant and Scott rode the lift with Olympian A.J. Kitt?


the bear came down the dry riverbed while in the hot tub @ Whistler?

we spent the night in Chicago?

Grant got hurt and got carried off the mountain in a sled?

...  we ever listened to hot tub signs that said, "No Alcoholic Beverages"  

Rick, Scott and Brian drank nothing but B52's?

wives and children were allowed to go on these trips?

Paul, Scott and Frank were eating oysters in Aspen?

the husbands could go skiing without having to buy expensive presents for their wives?

Grant and Mike could always tell you best places in a ski town to buy presents for the family?

we use to spin the wheel for drink prices at the Inferno @ Steamboat?

we had to put up with silly drinking laws in Utah?

...  we sat in the outdoor hot tub while it was snowing like a picture postcard?

we could ski @ Whistler without a passport to get there?

we thought it was too expensive to go to Aspen?

Ken had too much to drink?

we didn't have a hot tub (I don't)?

Hal made the trip out with the group instead of on his own?

the airlines let us pack dirty clothes in our ski bags?

airports had security with machine guns?