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Select That Tune ... Or Allow Me To Be Your "D.J."


We will personalize your tune-up to meet your needs. We service most bindings. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. All our services are guaranteed. 





♫ Rock 'n Roll

Minor base repair, flatten base, sharpen/bevel  edges, de-tune tips/tails,  hot wax, and clean top skin







♫ Classical

Flatten base, sharpen/bevel edges, de-tune tips/tails, hot wax and clean top skin







♫ R & B

Sharpen/bevel edges, de-tune tips/tails, hot wax







♫ Soul

Clean base and hot wax







Binding Work

We are not responsible for bindings that fail during testing and customer agrees to pay testing fee.


Binding Test

Adjust & test skis bought at Ski Tunes (if included in one of above tune-ups ONLY $12-$18)







#1 Mounting

New equipment bought at Ski Tunes (includes mandatory ski binding testing)




New equipment bought else where  (does not include mandatory ski binding testing)


$40 (no test)

#2 Remount

Remount & test bindings (no test for boards)

$28 $25 (no test)





New S/B P

New Ski/Board Prep - true edges, de-tune tips/tails and hot wax (necessary for new equipment)











We also perform major base repairs including epoxy work, base inlays, edge repair & replacement at a $40 per hour rate.


Custom Boot fitting is also one of our specialties. An appointment should be made so we can spend uninterrupted time with you. No charge for NEW premium boots purchased at Ski Tunes. There is a $40 per hour charge for boot fitting.


Snowboard Tuning ..... Some bindings may need to be removed for tuning due to the nature of our machines. We will allow you to remove them on site, however, If we have to remove and replace them for you, there will be a $10 fee.


Note: There will be an extra $10 charge for EXPRESS SERVICE (same day or next day service). All services above reflect current prices. Prices subject to change without notice.


Satisfaction  Guaranteed

Consignment (click for details)
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